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Firm Pilecký s.r.o. has been established in 1994. This firm has been specialied in a very short time on fence systems, mainly on wire - program. During its existence has the firm spread over the Czech and Slovak market and become a leader in these markets without any help from abroad.

The most important point of the program are wire fences, which are coverd by a galvanizing and a modern servis-free PVC system. Fence systems are suitable as garden fences, fences round buildings, sports grounds, and important strategical buildings. Our sortiment is also added by networks for farmers and forestry fences, gates, doors and next additional complements. The next important point for us is a good cooperation with our customers and a quickly supply of goods.We are very proud of our logistics and its practical quickly realisation. We are able to fill your order in 48 hours since the moment of its accpeptance. We want to adress our customers first as well department stores, local sellers, and also all multiple stores in all of the Czech Republic. By implication is clear a free calculation of our customers´ wishes. It is also possible to make up all documentation of your project. We are able to supply our product with an instalation. About a quality of our goods speaks not only a mark BEKAERT, that we represent in our market, but also many effective instalations.

One of the most strategical aims of our company is to achieve a high digree of quality of our duties. It includes not only the quality of our products, but also of each of our employees (starting with the heading management of our firm, ending at the last worker).

If you choose Firm Pilecký s.r.o. for a realisation of your investment purposes of fences, you are going to be really very satisfied with the range, quality and a speed of our duties.

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